Founder of Movement & Learning

Brendan is an accomplished national and international lecturer and presenter. Brendan developed the courses,  Movement and Learning, Primitive Postural Reflexes 1 and Primitive Postural Reflexes 2. He also runs sound healing and early childhood workshops, boutique workshops, professional development programmes for early childhood workers and teachers, parent talks, and keynote addresses.

Accompanying Brendan's educational sessions are his music resources  for 3-8 year olds, The Children's CD and Songbook, Wombat and His Mates CD and Songbook and Beanbag Ditties CD. All  of the resources blend child friendly music with fun movement activities.  Together they aim to create and strengthen neural networks in the brain to improve learning and physical skills. Focus, concentration, co-ordination, balance, spacial awareness and the follow on self esteem and social-emotional improvements  can all be flow on benefits. 

Brendan also composes and records music, for people of all ages. 

Movement & Learning Practitioner

Gail O'Hara is an experienced Movement and Learning and Kinesiology (Brain Gym) practitioner. She also has training in Yoga for children. She has worked with children with additional needs in the primary school setting  using a combination of movement based programs for brain/body connection, speech pathology and specialist literacy support programs.

She now works with Brendan O'Hara using Movement and Learning in kindergartens and primary schools throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland  and remote aboriginal communities.

The classes she runs come out of this experience and passion to continue working with children in a supportive, creative, fun and meaningful way.