The Children's Songbook (Digital Download)

  • The Children's Songbook (Digital Download)

The Children's Music is the first in a series of CDs and Songbooks designed to use song and dance to teach children exercises which integrate the two hemispheres of the brain and thereby improve concentration, co-ordination, reading, writing and memory. Although the songs were written for three to eight year olds, the techniques are of benefit to people of all ages. Read the book which accompanies the CD... and start moving!

Available to buy as a CD and accompanying book, or to download now as a digital album and PDF booklet.

Track 1 - The Hop Hop Song
Track 2 - Halley’s Comet
Track 3 - I like Climbing Trees for Apples
Track 4 - Waddle-lee-Archer
Track 5 - Little Miss Kate
Track 6 - Miss Polly
Track 7 - The Humming Song
Track 8 - Didgeridoo Music
Track 9 - Teachers of Peace
Track 10 - Piano & Flute