Brendan and Gail are on the road again in 2019 doing what they love best. 

Europe and Asia are on the road map.

We really enjoyed working voluntarily in remote Borneo and rural Cambodia last year and plan to go back to both places this year. 

Europe also calls and travels to Russia in July for International Association of Specialist Kinesiologists (IASK) Congress will be an exciting first for us!

 February  2019:




March, 2019

March 22-24 -AKA conference Sydney

April 2019

Albury, NSW

April 27,28,29,30 - Reflexes

May 2019

Dublin, Ireland 

May 19,20,21-  Reflexes

June 2019


Italy: Bergamo

June 15,16,17 - Reflexes

June 21, 22 - Sound Healing 

July 2019

Moscow, Russia:

July 4-7th -IASK conference 

July 10th -Sound healing workshop

August 2019

Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia

August 2,3,4 -RMT International conference 

August 5th - ATNR workshop

September 2019

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia


If you are in these areas and would like to book movement and music sessions for your pre-school or professional development for your staff please contact us. 

Brendan +61 (0)438 586 988  

 Gail +61 (0)423 771 609